Birdcages and Bridal Gowns

I thought I was stuck at an idle while I waited for more to do.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m kind of ahead of the game and sometimes I have to stop my planning and wait for it to catch up. I am always keeping my eye out, though, for things I might be able to collect for décor and what not, so when I see something, I go ahead and buy it.

I’ve been on the hunt for birdcages for the whole duration of our planning so far.  I knew I wanted them in some of our centrepieces, but I just couldn’t find the perfect ones. Then, a store I like posted a picture on their Facebook page of their St. Patrick’s Day décor, and there they were! So I made the long trek to the next town to pick them up! They match our colour scheme and everything.  Ah, I just love them!!


Also… I bought my wedding dress on Saturday.  It’s still wicked crazy to think about, but yes, it is real.  And no, I wasn’t dreaming.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  Wendy wanted to go dress shopping at Embrace, a bridal shop in our hometown.  Their outlet location was having a buy one, get one sale.  So, Wendy, Shawna (Mike’s mom) and I decided we would go check it out.  Come to think of it, they never did mention the sale to us when we got there, but that’s beside the point.  When we went in, I was skeptical.  The bridal section was small, and the woman working got a very nervous look on her face when I said I wanted lace.  But, I wasn’t really expecting to buy a dress that day, anyway, being that it was my first time looking, and they say you don’t usually find “the one” on your first go.

However, that’s about the only thing “they” say that didn’t apply to my shopping experience.  They say that you should try on all sorts of styles, because what you have in mind isn’t usually what you end up getting.  This could not be more true for me.  Everything from the shape to the colour of my dress is quite far off from what I had in mind.  They say that you should try it on even if it looks bad on the hanger, because you never know how it will look on.  When I saw Shawna and Wendy ooing and awing over my dress when it was on the hanger, I wasn’t even that interested in trying it on.  Mostly because of the colour.  I will give you this one detail: the dress is pewter.  Or at least that’s what the tag says.  I would maybe describe it more as champagne, so as to give you a better idea. But, I did try it on, because I was remembering the previous “they say”. Lastly, and most importantly, they say that you’ll know when it’s the one.  Shockingly, I didn’t cry (until about 3 hours later), but I knew.  I put on the dress in the change room, and all I could see was the colour. It was basically screaming at me.  But when I walked out of the room, and up on to the little podium in front of the trifold mirrors, my knees suddenly got weak, my heart sped up, I definitely increased my sweat output, and I felt like I couldn’t breath.  My body pretty much reacted in the same way as it did to our first kiss, to kind of put that into a positive perspective.

But, because I feel like buying a wedding dress is such a HUGE commitment**, I didn’t want to end my dress shopping there.  This was only the third dress I put on, and I still had about seven or eight dresses left. I decided to remove the first dress from my “maybe” pile, because I loved this one about 2000000000% more.  The second dress I had tried was a poufy marshmallow, so it didn’t even make it near the “maybe” pile.  I removed about half of my remaining dresses, because I had a bit of a better idea now.  So, I tried on one that made my hips look two miles wide, one that looked like a princess gown from the ’90’s, and one that was more along the lines of what I thought I wanted originally.  So, I put the one I loved back on, complete with a veil, the pearls I was wanting to wear with it, and choked back tears with all my strength. Hummed and hawed for about a half a minute, declared it “SOLD”, and took it off.  Now, it’s napping at my parents’ house until alterations… … in a year and a bit.


**Before you say it, yes, I know getting married is a bigger commitment than buying a dress.  But, as I told the lady working in the store, you take years to find a husband, and only hours to find a dress.

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